Matsutake Gohan

You know that it’s autumn when you start seeing matsutake gohan bentos being sold on the shinkansen. When we were going to Kyoto, we bought one of those bentos.


The bento itself was only ok. There was a bunch of stuff in it other than the rice that was really weird tasting. As usual, I refrained from eating the salmon because lucky me always get the salmon with bones in it. The other stuff was interesting tasting but still not my cup of tea. The rice was cold so it tasted not that great. The bento itself looks nicely put together though.

Feeling like making something new for dinner, I decided to make my own matsutake gohan…

matsutake gohan

Tada! The completed dinner consisted of miso soup, matsutake gohan and some vegetables. The matsutake gohan consisted of rice, matsutake, carrots, rice wine and some soy sauce.

Matsutake is a special mushroom that the Japanese cherish and they can cost quite a bit depending on the quanitity harvested. Apparently it grows in rare conditions and can be really hard to harvest. Anyway, I thought they tasted like normal mushrooms but that’s probably because I’m not an expert in mushrooms. The rice tasted pretty good so I’m happy :)


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